August 13, 2007

One Badass Unit.

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A couple weeks ago, one of the main streets in my town was undergoing a bit of a face peel, which is to say that the top layers of asphalt were being removed in order to pave over the freshly scraped street with new black, smelly stuff. The operation took several days; it caused lots of traffic jams and pissed off more than a few merchants whose businesses suffered from zero traffic during business hours.

During one of my weekend walks while this was violent road work was going on I came upon this massive gizwiz, and was quite taken by it, so much so that I used Mr. Cell Phone camera to take some pictures. Unfortunately, the sun (damn you, Algore!) screwed up all of them except the two shown above.

This baby has as many gauges as a 747 and, like a 747, it has seats for two drivers, a pilot and a co-pilot for the street muncher! Very impressive.

I only wish I could have seen in actually gobbling up layers of street.

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