August 23, 2007

New Gadget.

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I have a new gadget. I thought I’d share.

One of the side benefits that came along with getting my new computer (Mr. Raptor) and my newfound Geekage was that I could actually take my fancy-schmancy 80 Gig iPod out of the box (It was an October giftie) and begin the process of loading in a gazillion CDs (Mr. Steam-Driven Computer didn’t have the horsepower to do iPod).

Seeing as how I’m afraid to use Mr. iPod while walking in the morning (I have to be alert for the sounds of killer cars), I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I figure that driving with the “ear buds” (God, I’m so farookin’ hip now) stuck in my ears might well turn the Big, Fat, Black Capitalist Car into a Killer Car, which would be a bad thing.

It occurred to me that it would be really neat to have one of those docking things, particularly one that I would be able to take outside on the deck. I could also use it in the rooms where the bigass stereo isn’t.

I decided on this unit. There were lots to choose from, but the thing that caught my eye about this one was that it was heavy (approximately 14 pounds). To me, after having spent decades lugging bigass sound system speakers around, I’ve come to learn that real speakers = heavy.

My review of the gadget is quite simple. I like it a lot. I am more than a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to fidelity, and I know that this widget can never sound like a serious sound system, but given its size, weight, portability and ease of operation, this one is a winner. It has two controls on the box – a plus and a minus, which serve as the volume control. There is also a teensy weensy remote that allows you to fool with more of its functions.

In sum, if you want something that sounds good and is a piece of cake for a techno-doofus, I highly recommend it.

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