August 21, 2007

More on Not-So-Sharpe James.

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Former mayor of Newark (The Sanctuary City), Sharpe James, spews his latest barrage of bullshit.

I have a couple thoughts on this:

1. Raymond Brown, a well known defense attorney, does not come cheap, but, to me, it is equally as likely that Mr. Brown is not having an easy time dealing with his arrogant and profoundly stupid client and, therefore, wants gracefully out; or

2. Not-So-Sharpe wants to keep the whereabouts of his mountains of unlawfully obtained cash secret, lest it be seized by the government.

I guess he figures either that he’ll beat the rap and still have lots of cash, or he’ll have some serious walkin’ around money when he’s released from Lewisburg when he’s in his nineties.

Just another political crud brought to you by New Jersey voters.

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