August 28, 2007


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I worked later than expected, and I’m too tired to write what I sort of had in mind. That said, I am not sufficiently tired to say (and to do so with some woids stolen from the Late, Great Rob Smith), Whoever released this beast into a Westfield, New Jersey pond ought to be dragged off and shot.

Don’t give me any of that “Yo, Jimbo, it’s just a baaaaaaaaby, and it wouldn’t have lived through the winter” crap. Remember, little ones have a habit of becoming big ones, and this is one of a species known for surviving just fine, thank you, since pre-farookin’-historic times.

Like I said, da poipetrator ought to dragged off and shot and the baaaaaaaaby ought to be shipped off to Florida, where they have a strange affection for these loathsome creatures.

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