August 31, 2007

Outta Time.

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I hve been a subscriber to Time Magazine since I was sixteen years old. Yeah, yeah, I know — The Man of the Year back then was Galileo. (I figure I’d beat the Wiseass Jooette to the punch.)

Anyway, for the past few years, each issue has managed to increasingly piss me off, because what is being offered up as objective news reporting would be redlined by a high school journalism teacher as rank advocacy (in Time’s case, for the Democrat Party). I meant to cancel my long-time subscription at its last renewal, but it somehow “auto-renewed.” Obviously either I or Mrs. Parkway must have checked a box in one of the prior renewal forms. At the time I thought that I would give it one more year rather than go through the hassle of canceling.

Since my last “renewal,” reading the Democrat House Organ that poses as a new magazine results in my talking back to the pages, not unlike shouting at the television when Meet the Press or Chris Matthews is on. Who needs this shit?

Today, I received my issue of Time on which was a special cover stapeled over the real cover. It was a message to “Our Valued Automatic Renewal Customers.” I frankly had forgotten that I had become a “Valued Automatic Reneal Customer.” The message informed me:

We’ll renew your subscription at the guaranteed saving indicated below, and you will be billed or charged before your next term begins unless you cancel within 2 weeks after receiving this notice.

Thank you for reminding me. Two weeks? How about two farookin’ minutes.

I immediately went to the customer service website and clicked “Cancel my Subscription.” It gave me two alternatives:

1. Cancel my subscription at the end of my current term.

2. Cancel my subscription immediately.

I chose Door Number 2.

It felt great.

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