August 27, 2007

Jimbo the Arteest.

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I call this one ………….


Since I have learned to take pictures with Mr. Cell Phone (a bit of very comical trial and error), I have been taking pictures of goofy shit. Then it occurred to me, Yo, Jimbo, lots of people think goofy shit is art. Maybe you’re a farookin’ arteest?

Hell, last time I thought I was an arteest, I flung a bunch of paint all over a queen size bedsheet, you know – just like Jackson Pollock. Problem was, everyone said that it looked like a drop cloth (shhhhhh).

There may be something to this photography thing, though. I’m thinking about buying a fancy schmancy digital camera with lots of bigass lenses so I would need one of those really cool carrying around cases and then quitting my day gig to go around with my fancy schmancy camera and my cool-as-a-moose carrying case taking pictures of goofy shit and making zillions of dollars.

Then again, maybe I ought to just take some pictures of drop cloths and keep my day gig.

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