March 12, 2009

Jersey Pig, Jersey Pork.

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The Jersey Pig
Behold my former State Assemblyman. (You’ll have to click the link, because if I describe what this jerk admitted doing, I would attract all sorts of sicko spam.) Swell guy.

Jersey Pork
Lautenberg, Menendez and Jersey Congresspeeps sure love those Jersey earmarks. The $159.8 million will gives the liars, crooks and thieves politicians an appetizer to nibble on while they wait for the main course, which is the boatload of stimulus money that will surely come their way.

A detailed list of the projects in New Jersey that will be funded by taxpayers in all fifty states is here (pdf). I know you non-Garden-Staters are thinking, “Holy crap! What about cranberries and blueberries? Nothing for them? What will become of the cranberries and blueberries?”

Don’t panic; there is money in there ($451 thousand) for cranberry and blueberry research.

What a country.

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