March 30, 2009

Why So Glum?

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Yo, Jimbo. You seem rather depressed and surly these days. Wassup?

Oh, not much, except that:

We have a Secretary of the Treasury who didn’t pay his taxes demanding the power to nationalize companies (can’t say how many or which ones), which in someone’s opinion (don’t know exactly whose that might be) are in danger of failing (not sure what “failing” means).

We have a President who has absolutely no business experience whatsoever, firing the CEO of a publicly held corporation (No, He’s not on the Board of Directors), replacing the current Board of Directors, and overseeing a reorganization plan.

We have a President using his campaign contributor database to identify and mobilize people (people whose allegiance is to Him and not to the democrat party or the Constitution) to go door to door to convince the “non-believers” of His righteousness and wisdom.

We have the legislative groundwork for a uniformed “volunteer” force, part of which will be staffed with members of ACORN, an organization with members that plead guilty to voter registration fraud in several states.

We have a Congress that targeted specific American citizens, who broke no laws, with punitive taxes, because they didn’t “like” the very contracts they had previously approved.

We are being saddled with murderous debt at the same time that our investments (and the investments of the “middle class” who are participants in a pension fund) are in the crapper.

Aw hell, maybe I’m over-reacting. The guy’s got a great smile.

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