March 23, 2009

Fifty Bucks?

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little-girl-largeA few days ago, I posted links to the record we made in 1966. Today, I received an email from my pal Jerry from Indiana, who found this on e-bay. Yep, someone is selling one of the 45’s. The seller, so far, has gotten a bid of fifty bucks for the thing (check the link before it disappears). Go figure.

I remember, back when I posted this, someone was asking $200.00 for one of the records. I wonder if it’s the same person.

No, I am not the seller, nor am I the bidder. Hell, if I rummaged around a bit in my basement, I probably could put my hands on a half dozen of these babies in never-played condition. I figure I’ll wait until the price soars into the thousands, then I’ll go for the big score.

In the meantime, I’ll happily sing you the shit live for a bottle of decent bourbon.

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