March 16, 2009

By Any Other Name …

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I see where The One has decided that people captured on the battlefield trying to kill Americans should no longer be referred to as “enemy combatants.” I had thought about writing suggestions for other names we might give such persons (e.g. “people in need of an anger management program”), but many others have already covered this ground.

Instead, I thought about what other peeps might need to be renamed, given that names obviously matter. I could not help but focus on the democrat Congressmen and women and democrat Senators and the so-called republicans who were responsible for forty percent of the 9,000 pork-barrel earmarks in the most recent spending bill. For sure, they are all badly in need of renaming.

Right off the top of my cruller, here are a few suggestions:

1. Pus-filled ingrown asshole follicles.

2. Barnyard excrement.

3. Smegma, pure and simple.

4. Rat bastard Marxists.

5. Common criminals.

6. Washington dung.

7. Douchebag modickers.

8. Highly paid looters.

9. Blood-sucking pieces of shit.

10. Maggots.

11. Whale shit.

12. Gallows-worthy rats.

13. Komodo dragon puke.

14. Weeping carbuncles.

15. Shit stains.

16. Viscous turds.

17. Septic soup of the most brown.

18. Putrid bowel windage.

19. Crotch pheasants.

20. Armpit cheese.

I’m sure with a few more minutes I could think of a dozen more.

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