March 31, 2009

New Jersey and Illegals: Perfect Together.

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A thirty-five member commission appointed by New Jersey Governor Jon *spit* Corzine has recommended, among other gems, in-state tuition rates for undocumented illegal immigrants. Jersey blogger, lawhawk, states:

Stop this insanity. These are illegal aliens who would be getting what amounts to a $10,000 subsidy per year over what out-of-state tuition would be at state schools. A New York resident seeking to go to Rutgers couldn’t get the in-state tuition rate, but an illegal alien could. United States citizens from outside New Jersey couldn’t get the deal that Corzine is offering illegal aliens.

This, at a time when New Jersey citizens are bolting from the state, because it’s too expensive to live here and when no one in his right mind would seek to start a business in New Jersey, only to be stripped clean by taxes and crushed by burdensome, often make-work-for-bureaucrats regulations.

In Jersey we get it in neck from Washington and Trenton. It’s a regular goddamned festival.

Coalition of the Swilling and the JerseyNut have more.

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