June 1, 2003

Number 10,000 Has Revealed

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Number 10,000 Has Revealed Himself.
On May 28th, I noted that this site had received its 10,000th visit. At that time, I posted some information from my referral log describing the visitor, and, amazingly, I heard from him. I never cease to be dazzled by the power of the internet.

Number 10,000 is a former airborne combat engineer, for which he gets a proud salute from me. You may have seen him from time to time in comments as “Sapper Mike.” Definitely a cool guy.

Thanks again to Mike and to the others who think that a visit to this place is worth their valuable time.

More on the Jersey Shore.

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More on the Jersey Shore.
Jersey Blogger, Gigglechick, has posted “Fifty Reasons Why You Might be from the Jersey Shore,” along with some commentary. Another Jersey Blogger, Kate at Katespot, has also posted the list.. If you’re from Jersey, ya gotta love the Jersey Shore. Although I am not from the Jersey Shore (I live about an hour away) , I have done more than my fair share of carousing there over the years, and I still love the place.

And, yes, one time a sea gull did shit on my head.

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