June 28, 2003

Nice Day, New Links.

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Nice Day, New Links.
FINALLY, we have a nice Saturday in the Garden State. Right now, it is sunny and warm, with low humidity. It seems we went from too much snow, to too much rain, to too much heat way too fast. But, I should stop bitching and enjoy the day.

Before I head across town to spend the day with good friends bobbing around in the pool, eating burgers and drinking copious amounts of vodka with seltzer (with big pieces of lemon) – this summer’s drink of choice – I want to call your attention to some new links in the Blogroll. I suspect that you are familiar with some of them, but I figure that all of you will not be familiar with all of them, so here they are:

Zogby Blog. A Jersey Blogger who has an excellent take on the national scene, and who also keeps a watchful eye on Atlantic City – Jersey’s GlitzTown.

A Single Southern Guy in the South. I became acquainted with Adam’s site when he hosted the recent Carnival of the Vanities and did so with the finest of southern hospitality. I like his style. Besides, he is a friend of Rita’s, and any friend of Rita’s is a friend of mine.

Ravenwood’s Universe. This is a great site, loaded with interesting and amusing content. It has been sitting on my bookmark list for far too long, sometimes causing me to miss a daily read. This will fix that.

Resurrection Song. I came to this site via Craig at mtpolitics and have been a regular visitor for some time. In addition, anyone who would post the story about a guy being stabbed to death at a birthday party for singing a Frank Sinatra song off key definitely gets blogrolled.

DynamoBuzz. Another Jersey Blogger, who vacations Down the Shore and who thinks our governor is a putz. What’s not to like?

Just too Farookin’ Tired. I’m

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Just too Farookin’ Tired.
I’m too tired to write anything. Hell, I’m even too tired to read other people’s stuff. See ya over the weekend.

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