June 3, 2003

Info For Those (of

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Info For Those (of us) Who are Frustrated with Blogspot.
Jay Solo is soliciting tips from more experienced bloggers about the kinds of things one should know in order to effectively move off Blogspot. The information sought concerns software, hosting and other important things such as migration of archives to a new site. I hope it works out. I’ll be watching.

Note: How absolutely fitting. Because the permalink is not working, look for the June 3 entry, entitled The Great Rat Race.

Some Mistake!! Something must have

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Some Mistake!!
Something must have gone haywire at The Truth Laid Bear, as it has this site listed as Number One(19,022) in the Blogosphere Ecosystem, when it belongs way, way, WAY down on that impressive list. I immediately sent an e-mail to the site about this, so I have no doubt that the mistake will be fixed right away. In the meantime, I kinda like looking at it.

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