June 18, 2003

The Latest BlogSpot Surprise. Just

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The Latest BlogSpot Surprise.

Just when BlogSpot fixed the upload problem in its new and “improved” version, I noticed that several of the posts on this page are all in italics, when they are not coded to appear that way. Oy!!

Good thing I don’t have my hammer handy.

UPDATE: It turns out that this problem was Blogger’s fault, but I should have seen it. Cousin Jack sent me an e-mail explaining that if there is no tag at the end of italicized text in the last line of a post, Blogger publishes the following post in italics. In my case, being quite HTML dim (but TJ gave me an HTML book for Father’s Day, so I’m learning), I used the the Blogger feature that inserts the tags, and it omitted the tag at the end of the post. Today, tags. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe I’ll finally learn what RSS feeds (I think that’s what they are called) are.

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