June 15, 2003

Father’s Day. It was a

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Father’s Day.

It was a great Father’s Day, which for me, included yesterday and visit from daughter and my new son-in-law. Today, I did some writing for a future blog (Sgt. Steele lives) and then took advantage of the first nice weekend day in God knows how long. Hung around with our regular cronies by the pool, drinking vodka and seltzer, with big pieces of lemon and lots of clear ice (refreshing and very civilized), and eating German hot dogs, made in our town, USA by a local German butcher. It was nice.

My dad (the wisest man I ever knew) died in 1994, but in my thoughts, we spent the day together.

Now, I am going to stop writing to see if I can find on the web a vodka logo beach umbrella for my friend’s deck. Hoping to find a Ketel One umbrella, but I am not optimistic.

P.S. BlogSpot’s new, “improved” upload feature is STILL not working. Color me seriously pissed.

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