February 6, 2004

A conversation.

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If no one seems to know what the above means, I’ll provide a clue, or maybe even the answer, later. However, right now, I am sorta beat. Driving to work in heavy freezing rain and sleet and driving home in the dark with even heavier rain (and flooding all over the place from the melting snow) was more than just a little awful. I may decide to chill tonight.

Then again, maybe not. Stay tuned.

Update: Dale, of “mostly cajun, all american, and opinionated,” nailed it. Nice going.

By the way, I recommend that you hop over to Dale’s blog to read his his story about sailing his newly purchased, previously owned sailboat from Clear Lake, Texas to Southwest Louisiana (You many have to scroll a bit). I got a particular kick out of the description of the difficulties he and his buddy encountered in using the “head” on this vessel while it pitched in six-foot seas — Think “Tupperware bowl.”

I also see that Cousin Jack has posted a similar conversation in the Comments. I know the answer, but let’s see if anyone else gets it.

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