February 12, 2004

It Makes My Hair Hurt.

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This morning I awoke to a “serious” discussion on the radio about what President Bush’s dental records did and did not prove about what the man did for a handful of weekends in 1972.

On the way to work, in an effort to avoid the commercials that all stations seemed to be playing as the same time, I switched on NPR (What was I thinking?), where I was treated to a series of callers doing variations on the “Bush lied, people died” theme.

Then, this afternoon, I learned about the Kerry – intern allegation, which will likely knock the President’s teeth and Janet’s tit off the front pages for a while.

As Sarah would say, “It’s just too much to Grok.”

I think we need to take a collective deep breath, get our shit together, and watch our backs, for I fear we have again become sitting ducks or, worse yet, we are in the process of self-destructing.

I’m gonna have a drink.

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