February 11, 2004


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When I find myself regularly searching through my bookmarks or my archives for a site I referred to previously, it is time to make additions to the blogroll. With that, I would like to welcome the following sites to the ol’ blogroll:

Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated. The author, Dale, is an interesting guy and a straight shooter, literally (a regular at a local shooting range) and figuratively. He knows how to pilot a sailboat and drive a tank, which I think is pretty cool. Maybe there are others who enjoy both skills, but I haven’t run into any of them. He also spent some time as a drill sergeant, which means that he has most likely developed the fine art of scaring the dogshit out of raw-croots, and in the process, teaching them the skills they need to stay alive.

Dale blogs from southwest Louisiana, and he is most definitely opinionated. So, all things considered, the title of his blog fits him like a glove. I wonder if he listens to The Radiators (fish head music) and Dr. John, a couple excellent Louisiana exports.

TL Hines. The author is a Montana blogger and has a great site with varied and well-written content. The first installment of his Dark Horse Dialogues (interviews with Dark Horse presidential candidates) was a home run. Good stuff there.

Thoughts From the Middle of Nowhere (Sarpy Sam). You might ask what the heck a Jersey native, who doesn’t know shit from Shinola about cows, doing reading a blog authored by a Montana cattle rancher. The truth is that I have always been impressed with people who know a whole lot about things that I don’t know anything about. And, let me tell you. Cattle ranching and the life of a cattle rancher are things I definitely know nothing about, so for me, the site is a natural. But don’t get the idea that the blog is “All Cows All the Time,” because Sarpy Sam, the author, also has an interesting take on many things that don’t say “moo.”

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