February 14, 2004

Mark Steyn Nails It.

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Mark Steyn in his column entitled “So it has come to this – a choice of scandals,” absolutely has to be read in its entirety. He puts a spotlight on the disparate American media coverage of the Bush and Kerry “scandals” and ends this terrific piece of writing with:

“If character is the issue, Bush can relax. And, if doing your bit for national security is the issue, then John Kerry’s been Awol for two decades.”


Via Power Line

So, This Is News?

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This important information appeared on the front page of the New York Times Website earlier today:

Thirty-five years before he would land on the carrier Abraham Lincoln in a flight suit, igniting a political storm, the future commander in chief was issued a duffel bag, six pairs of cotton drawers, a pair of black combat boots, a flight cap and some United States Air Force insignia tape, among other supplies and clothing.

To Mr. Bush’s previously known arrest record up to that point in his life — a misdemeanor charge, later dropped, for a prank at Yale in 1966 — the documents added that he was issued two speeding tickets in the summer of 1964, for which he was fined $10 each. He also had two “negligent collisions” in the month after he turned 16 in July 1962.

Then there is his medical history, set out in more detail than many Americans might want to know. He had his tonsils removed as a young boy, had appendicitis when he was 10 and at 14 had an operation to remove a cyst from his chest, leaving a scar. At the time he applied for entrance into the guard, he had a hemorrhoid, the location of which was charted with military precision.

I will wait patiently for the New York Times to be fair and balanced and drill that deeply into the minutia of Senator Kerry’s activities thirty-some years ago. Unfortunately, that will happen about the same time this happens.


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Sarah’s husband’s unit was deployed to Iraq today. She writes beautifully about what must be a hard day for both of them, as well as for the other members of her husband’s unit and their families.

Stick your head in the door over there and say hello.

Col. William Campenni (Retired)

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Read his letter to the editor. He knows a bit more about the Air National Guard than do geniuses like Katie Couric and Andrea Mitchell.

via Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Who Was That Guy?

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I wanna know who was that guy who must have sneaked up on me and knocked me unconscious several hours ago when I sat down in the recliner “for a few minutes” to watch the end of Dateline NBC? As a result I did not find out whether the author who was charged with murdering his wife with a fireplace tool was convicted.

It was a long week.

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