February 21, 2004

Vinyl Night.

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The Usual Suspects and others have been in their basements today digging out their old albums and 45 records, because tonight we are doing our first “Vinyl Night” at the Post Bar. Earlier today I picked through the couple hundred albums I have stored away in the basement to find ones that contain songs that people are not likely to have on CD. Among them are albums by: Lloyd Price, Steppenwolf, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and Little Richard. I am also bringing a box of 45’s that I played hell out of when I was in high school. There are some gems in that box, as well as some “What-the-hell-was-I-thinking-about” stinkers.

We set up three turntables and some kick-ass speakers, and Paulie’s brother, Willie (he deserves his own post), has volunteered to spin the “Stax o’ Wax.”

The food will be classic Jersey fare – pizza and subs (They would be “hoagies,” “heroes,” or – heaven forbid – “grinders” for you folks who are not from here). The bar will be open, and we even moved the pool table to make a bit of a dance floor.

I intend to have a few cocktails, enjoy all the tunes, scratches, pops and all, and I might even take to the dance floor.

It should be fun, and the Post will make a few badly-needed bucks.

Update: Vinyl Night was a huge success. The music was great to hear, and watching it come from those three turntables was something I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Unfortunately, this morning’s headache, fatigue and general malaise serves to remind me that I proably enjoyed Vinyl Night a tad too much. It is even more unfortunate that I have to drag my weary ass back to the Post today, as it is my turn to tend bar.

It could be a long day.

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