February 8, 2004

If I Were A Bad Guy…

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If I were a one of leaders of the Bad Guys (i.e. the Islamic fundamentalist lunatics whose sole goal in life is to kill as many Americans as possible), I would have already decided to strike America again. But, when?

I would not be inclined to do it now, because the current President will strike back, and he will not run to the United Nations with a bloodied American flag in his hand seeking permission to do so, nor will he wring his hands worrying about with the world might think. No, if I were one of the leaders of the Bad Guys I think I would be inclined to wait and see if the current Commander in Chief is brought down by those are currently suggesting that they would do exactly that.

So, for me (not being a Bad Guy), the issue is this: When we are attacked again, do I want George Bush to be the Commander in Chief, or do I want John Kerry or John Edwards, or any of the other democrats seeking the presidency, to occupy that position?

I’m going with President Bush.

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