February 26, 2004

MTpolitics and Lent.

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Craig at mtpolitics has decided to give up blogging for the forty days and forty nights of Lent.

I’m kinda bummed about the prospect of not seeing his stuff during that time, but that is admittedly selfish of me. Knowing how important blogging is to Craig, I have no doubt that his decision was well thought through and deeply rooted in his faith. He’s definitely a good guy.

Carnival of the Vanities.

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Da Goddess has it (the Diamond Edition) up and running here. She did a mahvelous job and has a particularly creative theme. I cannot imagine how much work goes into putting that all together.

Go read.

In fact, I think I will spend most, if not all, of my allotted blogging time tonight over there reading what others are saying. It works out well, because the needle on my creativity meter is hovering close to empty tonight. Who knows? Maybe something someone submitted to the Carnival will inspire me to flail away at these keys later, or maybe something will spark an idea for tomorrow, when I am hopeful that my muse isn’t continuing to actively ignore me.

Kudos, Joanie.

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