February 19, 2004

Waiter, There’s A Fly In My Soup.

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Both Serenity and Two Nervous Dogs share the horribles that go along with being a server in a restaurant. I am certain that I do not pack the gear to do that job, and if I ever tried my hand at it, it would not take me very long to dump some idiot’s dinner on his damned head.

I think people who are rude to servers are shithooks of the highest order. There is no reason for that.

Politics at the Rest Stop.

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I have been trying to avoid writing much political stuff for a few reasons. First, others, who write almost exclusively political pieces, do it much better, Second, because, although I am very interested in politics, I am too tired by the end of most days to deal with the verbal combat in the comments section that seems to come with the territory of political blogging. Third, in today’s highly charged political climate, I find myself becoming increasingly angry with the other side, whose hatred of the President seems to have stripped them of their reason and civility. Finally, I find that writing about it all seems to only make me even angrier and frankly, I didn’t start blogging to be angry all the time.

Oh I am certain that, from time to time, I’ll write something political, but I hope it will be the exception rather than the rule.

Kim, at Velociworld, apparently is of like mind. He generally writes about things non-political, but occasionally he turns on his political high beams and produces an excellent read. I, therefore suggest that you take a look at “Who Are You Kidding?” It is a gritty indictment of those Republicans who claim to be so disaffected with the President that they will not vote in November. (Note: He and I will both be voting on Election Day.)

Speaking of politics, Dale, at Mostly Cajun, has written a great piece called “Why I am Not a Democrat.” (scrolling down to the title may be necessary). Go read.

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