September 4, 2004

Sound Familiar?

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How often have you had the same conversation that appears over at Power Line?

He’s Still Heeeeere.

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Well, here it is September 4th, and we awakened to find that Governor McGreevey did not do the right thing a pre-midnight exit, stage left. Of course that means we will have him around until November 15th, after which time our governor will be Richard Codey, who, while serving as governor, will retain his post as president of the state senate. Can anybody say, “separation of powers?” It’s required by the New Jersey Constitution, and frankly, I am surprised that this suit did not raise this issue.

Roberto of DynamoBuzz thinks that November 15th will come and Governor McGreevey will decide to take back his “resignation” and stay for the remainder of his term. Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog agrees. Would I be surprised if Governor McGreevey pulls a switcheroo?

Nothing oozing from the Jersey Political Swamp would surprise me.

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