September 16, 2004

At Home with John and Teresa. No. 10

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Teresa: “Who is that woman?”

John: “What woman, dear?”

Teresa: “You dopey bastard. Do you see anybody else in this room? The woman on the television; the black woman; the one making some kind of speech.”

John: “You’re kidding, right?”

Teresa: “Are you trying to make an ass of me? If I goddamn knew who she was, I wouldn’t have asked you. All I know is that she has those goofy teeth. She must have been a thumb sucker. Every time I see her on television, I change the station.”

John: “That is Condoleezza Rice.”

Teresa: “Condo-what?”

John: “Condo-leezza…Condoleezza Rice.”

Teresa: “Never heard of her. Why is she on the goddamn television all the time?”

John: “Teresa, she’s the President’s Chief National Security Advisor.”



Teresa: “Well, when we’re elected, I want that job.”

John: “Muffin, I think we have to discuss…..”

Teresa: “There you go again with that ‘I think’ shit. I warned you about that. Pay attention, Groin Puss. I want that goddamned job, and you’ll damned well make it happen.”


Teresa: “Now, get lost. Access Hollywood is coming on.”


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