September 8, 2004

At Home with John and Teresa. No. 3

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John: “Owww! My back is killing me.”

Teresa: “Christ! There you go, whining again. I told you to have Pierre call Doctor Jameson.”

John: “I did. I did. ….. PIERRE!”

Pierre: “You called, sir?”

Teresa: “Pierre, you look like shit. Your apron is wrinkled and you need a shave. I will not tolerate that in this house.”

Pierre: “I’m sorry Madam. But, just as you directed, I have been up all night on eBay buying up copies of Master John’s book.”

Teresa: “That’s no excuse. You’ll just have to work more efficiently. Now, what about the doctor for the Senator?”

Pierre: “I called, Madam. Dr. Jameson is not seeing patients. It seems that he is too busy with litigation.”

John: “Dammit, Pierre. Go call Doctor Nussbaum.”

Pierre: “I did, sir.”

John: “And?”

Pierre: “He will be giving a deposition for the rest of the week.”

John: “Call Dr. Green. I’ve known him for years. He’ll see me right away.”

Pierre: “I called Dr. Green, sir, and he is in meetings with his lawyers.”

John: “Goddamned ambulance chasers. Get me John Edwards on the phone. He must know at least one doctor who will treat him. I really need a doctor.”

Pierre: “I called Senator Edwards, sir, but I could not reach him.”

John: “What the hell do you mean you could not reach him?”

Pierre: “He’s in court, sir.”

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