September 6, 2004

At Home with John and Teresa. No.2

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Teresa: “John, you’re just sitting there staring at your food. OK, I’m sorry I said you made an ass of yourself with your midnight speech. You have to eat something.”


Teresa: “Come on, John. You’re going to need your strength.”


Teresa: “Dammit, John. Look! It’s your favorite foie gras. I had Pierre order it special from Bizac in France. You always said that French foie gras is the best.”

John: “Are you questioning my patriotism?”

Spam Attack – Deleted Comments.

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Today I was hit with a massive comment spam bomb. Hundreds of posts were affected. The attack somehow got around my e-mail system, and, worse yet, buried some legitimate URLs in with the spam URL.

While de-spamming, I noticed (unfortunately, too late) that I deleted genuine comments I had not yet read from Shamrocketship, Res Ipsa Loquitur, and Velociworld, each of whom likely received the e-mail indicating that their comments were blocked due to “questionable content”. I apologize for that, and I believe that I have fixed the problem.

If you are experiencing a problem leaving comments here, please send me an e-mail, and I will try to fix things.

I would like to see the sub-human scum behind the spam attack spend more than a few years in the Greybar Hotel.

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