September 28, 2004

What’s So Good About It?

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Today is this obnoxious knucklehead’s birthday. I wish I knew how to gift wrap a farookin’ clue.

Thanks to my friend Joe for reminding me of this most important event.

Blogtoberfest Has Gone International.

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It seems that the upcoming Blogtoberfest has caught the attention of a genuine Bavarian blogger. He has posted twice about the Helen, Georgia Bash, here and here. It’s worked out well for him, as he reports that Dax Montana, Straight White Guy and Acidman have sent a shitload of traffic his way. For me (as a Blogtoberfest attendee), it has been fun, sort of, because Eric has me dusting off thirty year old German vocabulary to make a yeoman’s effort at translation.

In his most recent post, the Augsburg blogger wonders aloud whether he should begin posting in English. I can tell him that it would make my life a bit easier, and the other folks who will be attending the event in Helen might well get a kick out of what he has to say. I do not, however, think that anyone will be impressed with his sharona (don’t bother looking that one up, Augs), although tits, ass and red toenails are always a hit, particularly with one of our number – the red toenails, that is.

Yo, Augsburg dude, poste auf Englisch, bitte. Sicher wirst du ein shitload of traffic bekommen.

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