October 3, 2004

The Usual Suspects Reconvene.

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American Legion Logo.gifThe pool has been covered, the lighted flamingo has been taken down along with innumerable other decorative doodads that give The Deck the feel of a seedy Key Wes outdoor saloon. Even the tables, chairs and strategically placed coolers have been put away. The final item of the end-of-summer business was accomplished yesterday when we removed and folded the canopy that covers The Deck, providing party space even in rainy weather. Alas, another summer is over.

That can only mean one thing. It’s time to switch to indoor drinking and bullshitting. The Usual Suspects will, therefore, reconvene at the American Legion Post Lounge, which will re-open today and remain open every Sunday afternoon through Memorial Day. Having the dubious distinction of being the Bar Chairman, I completed and mailed out the bartending roster (we take turns tending bar), restocked the booze, and loaded the cooler. We are ready.

Returning to Sundays at the Post will be like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. Functional autonomy will kick in, and the folks will gravitate to their usual places at the bar. There will undoubtedly be a football game on one of the televisions and something else on the other TV (often another football game). Depending on the decision of the bartender (who rules the roost on his day), there may well be music, requiring that the TVs be muted. There will, of course, be bitching about the music, the volume of the music, the choice of the music (Original Bill is a sure bet on this score), the game, the choice of game, and the quality of play of the game (“the Giants suck this year, the Jets suck this year”). It’s like a replay of a favorite tune.

The summer will be rehashed, and Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine stories will be dusted off, and some new ones will be told. There will be old jokes, new jokes, merciless ball breaking, and even some serious discussions.

We’re all good friends, and that’s really what makes the place special.

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