October 26, 2004


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I continue to be surprised by some of the attributes of the blogosphere. On Sunday, as usual, I headed over to the American Legion Post to hang out with the Usual Suspects. Ken, my bodyguard and Anal Cruise Director was not in attendance, as he was home with a nasty cold. Obviously he hadn’t properly sterilized his innards with Georgia “wine”.

However, a minute or two after I occupied my usual seat at the bar, Dave, another of the Usual Suspects, said, “So, how is Kelley’s boy doing?” I was initially stumped by the question. Kelley? What Kelley do we both know? I then realized that Dave was asking about Kelley of Suburban Blight and that he was referring to her post about her boy’s recent bout with a malady that resulted in his hospitalization and more than a few tense moments for Kelley.

I told him that, at that point, the little guy seemed to be improving (he’s fine now), but I spent the next few minutes thinking about how much larger the cyber-neighborhood is than we often realize.

I like it.

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