October 14, 2004

Blogtoberfest Begins Tomorrow!

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Well, we are truly down to the short strokes for the Blogtoberfest. I am looking forward to meeting the attendees listed below and all the bloggers and non-bloggers who show up for this major drunken blowout cultural event, where I expect we will do some guitar pickin’, singin’ drinkin’, bullshittin’, boiled peanut eatin’, grits tastin’, and a good bit of laughin’. (See? I’m already starting to talk Southern.)

The List (as swiped from Blogtoberfest attendee, Kelley)

Adam, The Single Southern Guy
Dax Montana
Acidman, with boiled peanuts
Geoff and Gordon from Dog Snot Diaries (Fellow Yankees)
Steve of People Will Say We’re In Love
Mamamontezz, da Hoosier
Velociman, da Innkeeper
Recondo 32 and Georgia (about whom I have heard great things)
Denny, da Grouch
Eric the Straight White Guy and da Bride
A couple of Eric’s Billiard Buddies, one of whom needs a nickname
Zonker of Thunder and Roses
Catfish, who was hostless, but who now has new digs.
Key Monroe, the bearer of Sam’s gracious gifts
The Laughing Wolf (LW may emerge from his lair for a Friday visit)

And, of course I will be there along with my good friend, driver, and bodyguard, Ken, who is one of the Usual Suspects and is sometimes known at the Rest Stop as the Deckmeister, and the Anal Retentive “Cruise Director.”

How psyched am I about this drunken free-for-all unscripted event? I am excited enough about it to forego spending my birthday (yes, it’s Saturday) getting crocked with family and the full compliment of Usual Suspects so that I can spend it getting shitfaced with only one of the Usual Suspects and y’all (normally I would say “yous guys”).

Lavish gifts are not necessary (except maybe for one of those stogies and a pull on Sam’s squeezin’s), but boundless adulation and compliments on my winning personality and great farookin’ hair are always welcome.

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