October 11, 2004

Tonight’s Deal – Blogtoberfest Preparations.

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OK, here’s the story tonight. I know damned well that if I start reading blogs and writing stuff, I will not put the new strings on my guitar. If I don’t put the new strings on tonight, I have a feeling that I will either play with old, raggedy strings in Helen (unlike Eric and Acidman whose guitars will be sporting new strings), or I will wind up putting on new strings in Helen, which would be a bad thing, because I would have to re-tune the guitar every couple minutes as the strings stretch. No one, including me, wants to listen to that.

So, with that, I will tear myself away from this machine and go about doing the string thing. Maybe I’ll be back later. However, I also wanted to do a bit of blog housekeeping, so this may be it for me tonight.

We’ll see.

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