October 9, 2004


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This morning I was taking my walk, and I was relatively deep in thought, contemplating things I might write about as well as other goofy stuff. I pretty much had the sidewalk on one of the main streets in town to myself. However, I noticed that one person was approaching me from the opposite direction. He was a Charles Manson-looking guy with a scraggly black beard and wild looking black hair. He also looked fairly grubby.

I moved over to the far right of the sidewalk to ensure that each of us would have sufficient room to pass, and I returned to my daydreaming. As this guy was passing me, at the point when his head was about two feet from my left ear, he shouted, in a voice just like Satan’s voice in the Exorcist, “BASKET YER VETO!!!!. At least, that’s what it sounded like. Now two steps behind me, he shouted again, “BASKET YER VETO!!!! MMWAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

I damned near shit.

I figure he must have been one of the “Undecideds.”

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