October 24, 2004

Blogger Victimized by Voter Fraud.

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A California Blogger, tallglassofmilk, voted early in California, which turned out to be a good thing, because it was then that she learned that someone had registered her as a democrat at an address where she has never lived. She reports that the person in the Los Angeles Registrar’s Office was not particularly interested in getting to the bottom of the fraud, but rather seemed only interested in whether the Blogger had voted.

The “good news” is that she was advised that if on Election Day someone shows up and tries to vote under her name, the person will be arrested. I certainly hope so.

Folks, if our faith in the system is to survive, this crap has got to stop. I would favor a federal law stiffening the penalties for voter fraud (e.g. by making jail time a certainty) and vigorous enforcement of the law.

I know. Each side will complain that the other side is not enforcing the law, but we had best remember that it is the System and our faith in that holds this country together, and that is more important than anything, including which guy gets elected.

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