October 31, 2004

At the End of My Rope.

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Every time I hear John Kerry or his surrogates try to explain how his position on Iraq has been “consistent all along” I could scream. You’ve heard it all already (“I voted for the ‘authority’ only, but Bush ‘rushed to war’ and lied about WMDs…blah, blah”), so there is no need to lay it all out again. He has spent the last year in the enviable position of being able to sit on the sidelines, criticize the entry into the war and carp at the President’s every move to prosecute the war.

Let’s just suppose that when we took Baghdad, we had found 20 warehouses full of nuclear weapons. Here’s my question. Does anyone think that John Kerry wouldn’t have elbowed his way to the front of the line to brag about his vote FOR the war? [/rhetorical question]

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