January 12, 2009


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Yep, too tired to blog, but I did take the time to take the test that I found at Denny’s place:

I’m an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored 14 on the Obama Test

Obviously, I’m not on the short list for a cabinet position.

January 11, 2009

Rahm’s Phone.

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PRS Operatives (Ya gotta love ‘em) have managed to plant a listening device on Rahm Emmanuel’s telephone. Pretty salty, that guy. We caught a telephone call he made to Vice President-elect Joe Biden:


Biden: Hello. This is the Vice President-elect speaking.

Rahm: Rahm Emmanuel here. What’s with this f**king “Vice President-elect” shit?

Biden: Well, I am the Vice President-elect, Rahm.

Rahm: First of all, it’s “Mr. Emmanuel” to you. And to me, you will always be a f**king asshole, JOE. Second, I’m calling to find out just who the f**k you f**king think you are, you f**k!

Biden: What are you talking about Ra — I mean, Mr. Emmanuel?

Rahm: You dumb bastard. You f**king know exactly what I’m f**king talking about.

Biden: Honestly, I don’t.

Rahm: Well then I’ll f**king tell you, moron. You went into the President-elect’s office yesterday without checking with me? I ought to cut your f**king nuts off!

Biden: Wait a minute. He said that we would be meeting every day on very important matters. He said so many times during the campaign.

Rahm: How the f**k long have you been in f**king politics, JOE?

Biden: I have been in politics more than 36 years, which I might add is a helluva lot longer than you.

Rahm: Don’t f**king get wise with me, jerkoff. You’ve been in f**king politics 36 f**king years and you actually believed that shit Barack said during the campaign? Jesus, you are one dumbass motherf**ker. You think you’re going to be able to just waltz your sorry f**king ass into the Oval Office whenever you f**king feel like? I am the f**king Chief of f**king Staff. Nof**kingbody gets to see the President-f**king-elect without f**king going through me, least of all some f**king Delaware douchbag senator.

Biden: I’m confused. He said just yesterday that he had made time on his calendar every morning for a meeting.

Rahm: Moron, were you paying attention when he told you that he was granting you two motherf**king minutes? I guess you weren’t, probably because, as usual, your f**king hair-plugged f**king head was up your f**king ass! Guess who he called as soon as your sorry ass was out of his f**king office? Can you guess, jerkoff?

Biden: Sure sounds like he called you.

Rahm: Right! You win the mother**king kewpie doll! From here on, you stay the f**k away from the motherf**king President-elect, unless you check with me first. In fact, don’t bother even checking, because I can tell you right f**king now that he wants no part of your rambling f**king bullshit.

Biden: Well, what will be my role in the administration, RAHM?

Rahm: I warned you once about that “Rahm” shit. Keep it up and I’ll f**k you royally.

Biden: OK, so what is my role, Mr. Emmanuel?

Rahm: Your role is to do whatever the f**k I f**king tell you to f**king do and to say exactly what I f**king tell you to f**king say. I don’t want you f**king making shit up as you f**king go along. You’ve proved that you have shit for brains, and you f**king say stupid f**king shit every time you f**king open your f**king mouth.


Rahm: Here is your assignment for tomorrow, asshole. You are to attend the funeral of some f**king councilman in some f**king Illinois shithole.

Biden: A funeral of a councilman?

Rahm: Oh, so you’re not only f**king stupid as a sack of boils, you’re also f**king deaf?

Biden: OK, who is the councilman, and where is the town?

Rahm: I don’t f**king know. All I know is that he ponied up a shitload of cash for the campaign, and the f**king sorry ass died before he could collect on his end. Someone on my f**king staff with call you with the f**king details.

Biden: OK, I’ll wait for the call.

Rahm: Oh, and JOE, one more f**king thing.

Biden: What’s that?

Rahm: Take the f**king train. Stupid f**king voters eat that shit up.

Biden: Hell, that’s a pretty long train ri —


January 10, 2009

Obama’s Morning Joe.

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We’ve heard much about the role that Joe Biden will play in The One’s administration. Again, PRS Operatives have managed to plant listening devices in the Office of the President-elect.

Here’s what we heard this morning:

B_O: Good morning, Joe. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for bringing the coffee..

Biden: Hey, Barack. I’m here, just like you asked. How are you today?

B_O: I’m fine, Joe, but it’s “Mr. President-elect,” not Barack. You might as well get used to it.


B_O: Was there something else?

Biden: Sure is, Bara – I mean, Mr. President-elect. I’m here for the regular meetings you said we would be having on, your know, important topics.

B_O: When did I say that?

Biden: During the campaign. Surely you remember.

B_O: I suppose so. So, what’s on your mind?

Biden: Well, I thought I could share my thoughts with you on the Middle East problem. I do have a great deal of experience and expertise in that area. Most important, I think is the current fighting between Hamas and —

B_O: Joe! What the hell is wrong with you?

Biden: Excuse me?

B_O: I specifically told you SKIM MILK with no sugar! This is REGULAR MILK, and it’s loaded with sugar. I ask you again; what the hell is wrong with you?

Biden: Jeez, I’m sorry. I had no idea it was that big a deal. Anyway, back to the Middle East. I think our position with respect to Israel should be ––

B_O: Joe!

Biden: Yes?

B_O: Go and get the right goddamned coffee. Now!

Biden: But what about our meeting?

B_O: We just had it.

Biden: But you promised that we would meet every day, Mr. President-elect.

B_O: And we will. I have you slotted in between 8:00 and 8:02 a.m. Bring the coffee, and be sure to get it right.

Biden: So, that’s it?

B_O: Yeah, that’s it.


B_O: Well, there is one other thing…..

Biden: Great! What is it?

B_O: Next time, remember: SKIM MILK and NO GODDAMNED SUGAR!

January 9, 2009

I’m Not Worthy.

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I had jotted down a couple notes about something to write, but I shall not take up your valuable time with whatever I may have had in mind. Rather, you should use the time you would have spent here reading my nonsense to check out V-Man’s latest. Fresh from winning the coveted, albeit snot-nosey, Hewitt Award given by Dandy Andy Sullivan, V-Man is at it again, with a vengeance

Here are but a couple samples:

[A] Leftist does not possess the courage of his convictions, merely the courage of his emotions. And mere emotions, tempestuous and mercurial, are best reserved for high school locker rooms and little girls’ tea parties, not the arduous work of maintaining a civilization. That is adult work, for which the average Leftist is ill-prepared.

How and when does the Leftist lie? Constantly, and insatiably. In the foolish puffery of global warming. In the ridiculous and shrill evisceration of abstinence and morality training. In the lack of acknowledgement of the existential threat of Persian madmen. In the see-no-evil absolution of terror against Israel. In the rejection of traditional education in the primary and secondary system. In the corruption of the university system, where Socrates has been displaced by Stalin, and healthy debate is traduced and punished if it does not conform to the current orthodoxies. In the lying denunciation of concern over illegal immigration as racist outrage over all immigration. In the insane hatred of a viable missile defense system (what person other than a raving lunatic could abhor simple self-protection as if it was a premeditated first strike?). In the castigation of our current economic woes as the result of unbridled capitalism when it is in fact the result of gross regulation by Congress via unsound business practices greased by criminal payoffs to the Democratic overseers in sordid receipt of said payoffs?

Go now and read it all. I mean it.

That is all.

January 8, 2009

Chris Dodd, V.I.P.

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While the Obamamedia focuses on the upcoming Ten Inaugural Galas, some journalists have not forgotten about Senator Chris Dodd’s promise to make public the documents relating to the favorable mortgage terms he received from Countrywide Financial’s “V.I.P.” program.

Dodd claims he had no idea that he might be getting V.I.P. treatment because he is the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, the committee that writes legislation concerning organizations like Countrywide Financial. This is a guy who received more money than any other senator from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac between 1989 and 2008. Chew on that for a minute.

He made his promise of full disclosure six months ago, but to date has not produced anything, but that will not stop him from chairing the Banking Committee.

Let me pose a rather simple question to those of you who own a home. How long would it take you to assemble the documents relating to the purchase of your home? For my part, I bought my house more than three decades ago and the mortgage has long since been paid, but I figure it would take me all of about five minutes to gather up all my mortgage documents.

The arrogance of this prick is stupefying.

I’ve decided that the voters of Connecticut are just about as stupid as the voters of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Louisiana and, yes, Minnesota.

What in Christ’s name will it take for the voters of those states say, “Enough!”?

January 7, 2009


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Dammit, I did it again. I said I wouldn’t, but I did. It’s like picking at a scab until it bleeds, or exploring a missing filling with your tongue until it’s raw.

Yeah, I read Maureen Dowd’s Column.

The point of the column (“Sweet on Caroline”) was to extol the qualifications of Princess Caroline to be the Junior Senator from the State of New York, which, in itself, is laughable and oh-so-very Upper East Side.

But, maybe MoDo’s BDS has so metastasized that she cannot write anything without spewing venom at the outgoing administration. Get a load of these gems (emphasis mine):

Congress, which abdicated its oversight role as the Bush crew wrecked the globe and the economy, desperately needs fresh faces and new perspectives, an infusion of class, intelligence and guts.

She’s smart, cultivated, serious and unpretentious. The Senate, shamefully sparse on profiles in courage during Dick Cheney’s reign of terror, would be lucky to get her.

It isn’t what your name is. It’s what you do with it. Or, in the case of W., don’t.

I understand that Ms. Dowd has been away for a couple of weeks, resulting in what appears to have been a serious bilge backup that just had to be released. It may well be that this represents the beginning of the pre-January 20th venom purge as she prepares to do a one-eighty and write glowing columns about The One and Senator Kennedy, the Younger.

January 6, 2009

The Detestable Nancy Pelosi.

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Nancy Pelosi, who today won reelection to the position of Speaker of the House (a real shocker, that), took time from slobbering over The One to reach across the aisle and punch House Republicans in their collective stindeens. Ms. Pelosi, at a time when the approval rating of the Congress is rivaled only by that of, well, Charles Manson, vowed to change the House Rules in order to effectively render House Republicans about as influential as the House hat rack.

Madam Speaker proposes to undo reforms that were put in place by Republicans following their landslide victory in 1994.

[The] reforms to the House Rules as part of the Contract with America were designed to open up to public scrutiny what had become under this decades-long Democrat majority a dangerously secretive House legislative process. The Republican reform of the way the House did business included opening committee meetings to the public and media, making Congress actually subject to federal law, term limits for committee chairmen ending decades-long committee fiefdoms, truth in budgeting, elimination of the committee proxy vote, authorization of a House audit, specific requirements for blanket rules waivers, and guarantees to the then-Democrat minority party to offer amendments to pieces of legislation.

Memo to Madam Speaker: May I remind you that you are not Queen Nancy and that more than 58 million of us did not vote for the Democrat party in 2008, and we are not amused? In fact, we are tempted to urge our representatives to vote “present” on all proposed legislation for the next two years, so that you won’t be able to blame the impending national mess on Republicans (much as you had the stones to blame the current financial crisis on George Bush, rather than you pals Barney and Chris). We can only hope that there will be something left of the country to save in two years.

Memo to John McCain: See what “reaching across the aisle” gets you?

January 5, 2009

Barack calls Leon Panetta.

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It has been widely reported that President-elect Barack ___ Obama will nominate former Clinton staffer Leon Panetta to assume the leadership of the CIA. PRS operatives managed to obtain a transcript of the telephone call from the Office of the President-elect to Mr. Panetta in which Mr. Panetta was advised of his appointment.


Leon: Hello?

B_O: Leon? Barack Obama here. How are you?

Leon: I’m fine, Barack. How are you?

B_O: I’m doing well, Leon, but it’s “President-elect Obama,” not “Barack.” OK?

Leon: I apologize, Mr. President-elect. What can I do for you?

B_O: I’m calling because I want to offer you a position in my administration.

Leon: Excellent! What do you have in mind, Mr. President-elect?

B_O: I want to nominate you to be the Director of the CIA.

Leon: Director? I like the sound of that, but what’s the CIA?

B_O: It’s the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon.

Leon: Oh, right. I’ve heard of the CIA. What is it they do over there?

B_O: I’m not completely sure myself, but I think it’s spy-type stuff.

Leon: Wow! Like the 007 type stuff?

B_O: Yeah. You know … guns and cool gadgets and shit.

Leon: Awesome! I’ll take it. Thanks!

B_O: Cool.

January 4, 2009

The Name Game.

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Our friend, Mostly Cajun, regularly posts birth announcements from his local newspaper, which include the name chosen by the parent(s) for the newborn. The names never cease to amaze me, and invariably cause me to wonder whether some people should procreate.

As a special treat, he has assembled some of the gems from the past year and invites his readers to vote for the Name of the Year.

Here are but a few samples:

Toi T’Anthony E’Quan

La’nah Hoklue’ a Lauree

Ja’Myah Ja’Nae Sh’Nyiah Shante

As you can see, apostrophes are quite hot this year.

Go check them all out and cast your vote.

January 3, 2009

Palestinian Children’s Programming — Mister Rogers, it Ain’t.

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In the final episode of the children’s show on Hamas TV, “Pioneers of Tomorrow,” the Mickey Mouse-like lead character, Farfour, is interrogated, beaten, jailed and ultimately “martyred.” Showing its sensitive side, Hamas spares the children from actually seeing the death of Farfour.

I’ll let this sick shit speak for itself.

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