October 1, 2009

An Unsung Good Thing.

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v8-veg-juiceToday was one of those days when reading the news damned near had my eyeballs ready to explode. I feel that I’m approaching critical mass with the dumbshittery of the administration. And, don’t get me started with the state government. The worst part is that the anger spills into every farookin’ thing, to the point where I get to thinking that everything sucks.

So, I decided to spend ten seconds or so to force myself to think of a thing that doesn’t suck. There are, of course, many easy things to pick from, such as health, family, friends and stuff like that. Rather I wanted to quickly (ten seconds worth) think of an unsung Good Thing.

It came to me.

V8 vegetable juice.

It’s tasty, it has zero fat, it’s low in calories, and it is the only thing to use when making a gorilla stompin’ bloody mary.

Of course, there are some who would piss on my parade by asking, “Is V8 juice really healthy?” They bray, “It has “tooooo much sodium” and the vegetables are “reconstituted.” (I can feel the smug all over me when whoever wrote that typed the word “reconstituted.” Yo, kiss my unreconstituted ass, Smugturd.

The fact is that the “low sodium” variety of V8 tastes like ass, and I’m not interested in any of that V8 “fusion” stuff either. I’m talking about the real, unscrewed-with V8 – an Unsung Good Thing.

That is all.

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