October 3, 2009


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I made what has become a regular visit to Sippican Cottage and was delighted to find an old school video of Jimmy Vaughan, Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds playing the hell out of a classic twelve-bar blues rocker. That put me in the mood to hear the Late, Great Stevie Ray and Brother Jimmy play together, and I came upon the video below. It is the Brothers Vaughan kickin’ ass and takin’ names playing at the same time on a double necked guitar.

Farookin’ great stuff.

Saturday Outing.

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Today, I went to my favorite Mondo Wine and Liquor Emporium and spent a shitload of money on a shitload of wine and a bit of liquor, including more Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (Be sure to check out the excellent website. Turn your speakers up!). In addition to the Lemon and Peach flavors, this time I figured I give the Mint a try (over clear ice, of course). I figure that a pilgrimage to the Firefly Distillery is in my future.

I’m doing my bit for the ailing economy.

That is all.

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