October 16, 2009


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birthday-cake-candles-smallYes, it’s that time of year once again.

I’m getting to be of the age when if you were to light a candle for each year I’ve been on the planet, the first one would burn out before you could light the last one. In order to keep a birthday cake from looking like a Baghdad display of “shock and awe,” I’m now one of those “one candle for each decade” guys.

Denny, my guitar playin’, kazoo tootin’ friend, likes to remind everyone that I am the “elder half of the Elderly Brothers,” but I would remind him that in a scant few days he will be as old as I am today. I figure that next year we should commence our “Soft Food Tour” in earnest. We’ll only need a repertoire of two songs, because by the time we finish playing the second song, the audience will have forgotten the first one. Besides, we can’t remember more than two songs.

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