October 5, 2009

Mint Sweet Tea Vodka.

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firefly-mint-tea-vodkaI suspect that you are all sitting on the edges of your chairs awaiting my report on the Firefly Mint Sweet Tea Vodka tasting. Well, Pilgrim, your wait has ended.

It was excellent. It was the perfect balance between tea and mint. I say that as a guy who doesn’t like minty ice cream or chocolate and mint together in candy, or otherwise.

As I was sipping it, I remember the Joanster commenting about the very proper elderly Southern ladies buying the stuff two bottles at a time for their little gatherings and her warning them that the stuff will kick their proper Southern asses if they aren’t careful. Excellent advice, that, for the beverage is so good that one could easily overshoot the mark before the realization kicks in that it ain’t tea, but rather is ass-kicking vodka that just happens to taste like tea.

Firefly Mint Sweet Tea Vodka is definitely a keeper.

Note: The Nanny State Federal Trade Commission has recently decided that Bloggers doing product reviews must disclose any payments or freebies received from the manufacturer of the product reviewed. In keeping with the new regulation, I hereby warrant and represent that I purchased the bottle of booze in question with my own money and that I have not received any payments in cash or in kind, or any consideration whatsoever for telling you that I tasted the stuff and liked it. Of course, if the Firefly Peeps would like to send me a couple cases of the stuff, I’d be happy to let you know that.

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