October 14, 2009

Significant and Otherwise.

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1. I don’t know about you, but I damned near shit a pickle when I learned that the Senate Finance Committee (Yes, that would be the United States Senate) voted to pass “legislation” that was presented to them, not as a proposed federal statute, but rather in the form of a conceptual CliffsNotes summary, written by Christ Knows Who. Peeps, you can change one word or even a comma in a statute and change everything. The “legislation” they voted on would result in the control of more than twenty percent of the economy. The saddest thing is that lawyers and judges regularly and earnestly speak of “congressional wisdom” when analyzing the minutia of any given federal statute. It seems that every morning brings yet a brand new WTF moment.

2. In the New Jersey Governor’s race, the democrats have released negative ads focusing on Republican challenger’s Chris Christie’s weight. This tactic was apparently based upon a focus group that determined that when “average” New Jersey voters were asked what one word comes to mind when they hear the name “Chris Christie,” they responded, “Fat.” Of course, this speaks ill of the New Jersey Democrat Party, but, in my view, it says more about the quantity of working grey matter of the “average” the New Jersey voter. And we wonder why the people in this state continue to elect such loathsome septic tank sludge.

3. Speaking of sludge, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann come to mind.

4. A few good things: Diet Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, Mythbusters, Teflon, progressive lenses, orthotics and peeps who pick up after their dogs.

5. A few bad things: Red Bull (bleccch!), head cheese (double bleccch!), alligators, clowns, New York drivers on New Jersey highways, telemarketers, credit card offers, things stuffed into magazines that screw up turning the pages, and low-density cholesterol.

6. I wonder if the first asshole who decided to wear his baseball cap sideways realizes that he is emulating Rootie Kazootie.

7. I wonder why any sane person would take up blogging.

That is all.

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