October 9, 2009

The List: Then and Now. Updated.

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Back in 2007, I wrote a post listing the people who, at that time, were giving me a Case of the Ass. I thought this would be a good time to revisit and revise the list as necessary. As you can see, the revised list only got longer.

Turns out that that the people who were giving me a Case of the Ass in 2007 are still giving me a Case of the Ass. Indeed, only one person was removed from the original list and that is only because he farookin’ died and can no longer give me a Case of the Ass.

Update: Bou pointed out that I forgot to cross off Ted Kennedy So that shortens the list by two, although just thinking about that creep gives me a Case of the Ass.

The Original List and the Additions Thereto.

Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Dick Durbin
Chuck Hagel
Chuck Schumer
Bob Menendez
Frank Lautenberg
John Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards (Yes, it is a shame that she is ill)
Dennis Kuchinich
Rosie O’Donnell
Barbara Walters
Joy Behar
Sean Penn
Sheryl Crow
Al Gore
Daryl Hanna
Bill Moyers
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
John Murtha
Jesse Jackson
Tim Russert Deceased
Lawrence O’Donnell
Ron Kuby
Barney Frank
Ted Kennedy Dead.
Cindy Sheehan
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Jon Corzine (Yes, I’m glad he’s recovering) The jerk is all better now.
Jim McGreevey
Barbra Streisand
Sandy Berger
Dan Rather
David Gregory
Katie Couric
Chris Matthews
Eleanor Clift
John Kerry
Al Sharpton
Joe Biden
Charlie Rangel
Patrick Leahy
Chris Dodd
Jane Fonda
Barbara Boxer
Andrea Mitchell
Helen Thomas
Jonathan Alter
Bill Maher
Maureen Dowd

The Additions

Al Franken*
Michael Moore*
Paul Begala*
Whoopie Goldberg
Maxine Waters
John Cornyn John Conyers
Rahm Emmanuel
Robert Gibbs
Van Jones
Cass Sunstein
Mamoud Amademajad
Tom Brokaw
Frank Rich
Tom Friedman
Susan Sarandon
Keith Olbermann
Ed Schultz
Jeanane Garafolo
David Letterman
Rachel Maddow
Kanye West
Nobel Peace Prize Committee

As I said last time, if you need links to know who these wastes-of-oxygen are, maybe you should be on the list.

* At the time of the original post, commenters suggested that I should have included these peeps. The commenters were right.

Update: Thanks to commeter, Dangerous Dave, who questioned why John Cornyn should be on the list. Indeed, it was my mistake, made in the snit that accompanied my making the list. I had intended to include John “Who need to read the Bill” Conyers instead of John Cornyn. I have since fixed the mistake. BTW, Dave’s suggested entries are spot on.

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