October 17, 2009

A Cool Boitday Gift.

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white-group-soundMy daughter went online to buy me the CD pictured above. What makes this CD special is that a record we made in 1966 is on it. I have written about the record here and here (unfortunately, or fortunately – depending on your point of view, the uploads are no longer available). You can go here (at least for now) and check it out. Scroll a bit to the listing of songs and click to enlarge.

Yep, there we are; we made the cut at number 30. Amazing how someone not only found the record, but actually included it in an album. As I have mentioned before, the real kicker is that a group comprised of three Asians and only two white guys found its way to an album entitled, “The White Group Sound.”

I can’t wait to listen to the 29 other gems.

Update: Two of the links pointed to the same place. I fixed it, thanks to the keen proofreading eye of the Wiseass Jooette.

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