October 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Sidewalk.

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Last night’s rain squall brought with it a beautiful autumn morning. It’s always great to be awake early enough on a Sunday to have the streets largely to myself. Normally this street is heavily traveled, and the cars are often driven by people who confuse the brake pedal with the horn. Clear day, with cool, comfortable temperature and a rare bit of quiet made for a great Sunday groundpound.


Virtually every sewer grate looked like this one. Last night’s rain took down many of the color-changing leaves, which is a bad thing, and it clogged the storm sewers resulting in many flooded streets and horrendous driving conditions, which was a really bad thing.

My thoughts meandered, but they tended to drift in the direction of the excellent peeps I didn’t have a chance to see this weekend in Tennessee, as I absolutely, positively had to be somewhere else. It was the first gathering there that I’ve missed. I look forward to reading all about it.

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