October 30, 2009

Road Kill?

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I saw this sign in the window of a local eatery during my groundpound this morning.

I got to thinking, Hmmm … seven bucks … the price is nice.

Rice: Cool, I like rice. What’s not to like?”

Beans: Excellent. I like all kinds of beans. In fact, I can’t think of a bean I don’t like.

Fries: Not good for the waistline, and rice is already part of the deal, so fries are a bonus.

Salad: Terrific. I wonder if I could get a Ceaser’s?

Meat: “Meat?” WTF? “Meat?” That covers a wide variety of animal flesh — everything from road kill to Wagyu beef. Given the price, I’m thinking that it’s probably closer on the “meat” spectrum to road kill.

I think I’ll pass.

Update: I forgot to include this as one possibility on the “meat” spectrum.

Swiped from SondraK.

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