November 5, 2004

E Pluribus Unum, Not. (Updated)

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This is sad.

It is website on which people are invited to submit pictures of themselves expressing “to the rest of the world” on hand held signs (no sound) how sorry they are that President Bush was re-elected. Some are even taking the opportunity to appeal to the terrorists to please refrain from bombing their particular location.

Words fail.

If you feel like bothering, the download may be a tad slow, due to either the images or the traffic the place is probably getting.

Thanks to Mike for the link.

Update: The link now leads to a “Go Daddy” site. I verified that the URL was the same one that worked earlier today. The pictures were large, so maybe the site quickly smoked its bandwidth (like I know shit from Shinola about bandwidth). Then again, maybe some computer whiz smoked the site. Even though I found the site to be utterly loathsome, I would not want to see it hacked. I prefer to leave that kind of crap to the other side.

Update 2: Dan Kauffman has provided a working URL in the comments to this post.

Pilot Error? (Updated)

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F-16.jpgYesterday, an F-16 fighter, piloted by a member of the New Jersey Air National Guard, fired on an elementary school in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. The pilot was supposed to fire the M61 A1 Vulcan cannon at a target at a nearby firing range that covers 2,400 acres. However, something went awry, resulting in twenty-five of the two inch projectiles going through the roof of the school and into the parking lot.

Fortunately, the custodian was the only person in the building at the time, and he was not harmed.

Apparently this is not the first incident involving military training flights. In June 2002, another F-16 crashed near the Garden State Parkway during surface attack training (the pilot ejected safely), and in 1999 and 2002, forest fires that burned approximately 12,000 acres of woodland were blamed on “errant bombs” dropped during training exercises.

The military is investigating.

I certainly hope so.

Update: This story has now gone international. Here is a piece that appears at a UK site (newspaper? fish wrap?), written with all the sarcasm one would expect, particularly since the author is writing from San Francisco.

Thanks to A Different Lemming for sending me the link.

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