November 21, 2004

The Great Soup-off. (Updated)

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Soup.jpgToday, at the Post, we will be holding the Great Soup-off. About a half-dozen of the “Usual Suspects” will each be bringing a pot of their “Signature Soup” for everyone to try. Like most ideas, this one was born over probably too many cocktails and a bullshit session discussion, during which we each bragged about noted our culinary mastery when it comes to a particular kind of soup.

So far, it appears that we will have the following entrants:

Rich: Cream of Potato, served with bacon bits, cheddar cheese and chives. I have had this one before, and it is a heart stopper. The good news is that Rich was a cook in the Army, so he only knows how to cook for a gazillion people, so there are sure to be leftovers to take home.

Original Bill: Chicken and Dumpling. Bill is a good enough cook that, if he felt like, he could quit his day gig and get a job as a cook. He is, however, a tad excitable, and I could see someone in a restaurant kitchen wearing a pot of soup.

John, the Other Lawyer: Cheddar Cheese and Broccoli. This also promises to be a real artery clogger. Knowing John, I suspect that this will be best consumed with a Gentleman Jack on the Rocks.

Bernie: Bernie is bringing Lentil soup, a favorite of mine. Unlike some of the other soup entries, this one actually might be healthy. It figures. Bernie is one of those forever-thin guys.

Dave: Cream of Mushroom. Dave is Original Bill’s son, and he clearly learned his way around the kitchen from his dad. I figure that he probably wound up wearing a couple pots of soup during the learning process.

Jimbo: Split Pea. I made an ass kicking, gorilla stomping pot of split pea soup. My Ace in the Hole is that I will be serving it with home-made croutons made with Russian rye bread, tons of butter and garlic salt.

There will be much bragging advocacy, analysis, and ball breaking commentary.

And, of course there will be cocktails, where everybody knows your name.

Update: The Soup-off was a great success. We did have another entrant. Junior brought peanut soup. While peanuts and peanut butter would be my “Desert Island” food, I had never tasted peanut soup. It was delicious and something my Jawja friends would definitely like. I think it would go great with some of that fine, clear Jawja rocket fuel that comes in a wide-mouth, screw top container.

At the end of the blood thirsty competition tasting, a vote was taken and it was decided that The Original Bill is the official Post “Soup Nazi.” Although I am biased, I think the basis for the vote was 49% for the soup and 51% for his “mellow” personality. (Note: The Original Bill has been banned from the local Home Depot. Some day, I’ll share the details.)

Man to Man Talk.

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Deer dead.jpg
“Well, son, there’s Dasher, and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, and here’s Comet, and Cupid, and Donner, and Blitzen. Now, let’s talk about the Santa thing.”

Pic shamelessly lifted from Ravenwood’s Universe

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