November 3, 2004

At Home with John and Teresa. No. 20

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John: “Well, that’s it, Teresa. I made my concession speech. I’m absolutely exhausted, emotionally and physically, and I know that you must be too.”


John: “I know just what we need. We need to get away for a few weeks to rest and regroup. I was thinking that we should hop on the Glufstream 5 and head off for Paris for a week or so, and maybe after that, Monte Carlo. I could do some windsurfing.”

Teresa: “You’d better think again, Jake.”

John: “Huh?”

Teresa: “Get out.”

John: “Get out? What are you talking about?”

Teresa: “You heard me. Get your ass out of here. Pierre is packing up your shit now. Be sure to tell him where to send it.”

John: “You must be teasing me, Muffin. You can’t be serious.”

Teresa: “Do I look like I’m doing comedy here? I want you out of here, now!”

John: “I can’t believe this. Why?”

Teresa: “Our deal was the White House – nothing less. You lost, so now you can hit the goddamned bricks.”

John: “I know you’re upset, Muffin. Maybe a couple weeks away would do us both good.”

Teresa: “Asshole, what part of GET OUT didn’t you get? Get out!”

John: “OK, I am sure that you will feel better in a day or so, so I’ll spend a couple days in our place in Nantucket, and call you from there.”

Teresa: “What do you mean ‘our place’ in Nantucket? The house in Nantucket and all the other houses are mine, Dork Puss. Remember the agreement you signed?”

John: “But Muffin, where will I go? What will I do?”

Teresa: “Frankly, John, I don’t give a damn.”


Just About Over.

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The democrats want to wait until the provisional votes in Ohio are counted. Fair enough, but it appears that the numbers are just not there. Even James Carville agrees — at least he did two hours ago.

Several of Mr. Kerry’s big supporters, Dan Rather, Andrea Mitchell, Leslie Stahl, and Peter Jennings were obviously devastated by the results.

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