November 22, 2004

Weblog Awards 2004.

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Wizbang is again running the Weblog Awards Competition. Nominations are now open, and the details appear here. As you can see, there are numerous and diverse categories, including an award for Best Mexican or Central/South American Blog. (Note to self: You’d better check these out.)

A couple days ago, I looked through the nominations and noticed that this tiny corner of the Blogosphere was nowhere to be found. I lack the gall to nominate myself, and more importantly, I know that this operation could not win in any of the existing categories.

However, it occured to me that the competition failed to identify a very important category. Accordingly, I respectfully suggest that an additional category be created, entktled “Best Brown and Tan Blog.”

Although I originally had thought that I might well have a lock on “Brown and Tan Blog” category, I remembered this blog. I, therefore, have had to re-evaluate my chances, and I am now prepared to say that I might well have a lock on coming in first or second in this category.

Coming in second wouldn’t be bad considering that the blogger in question is a good writer and is exceedingly pretty. Besides, I know her father, and I would prefer to come in second and remain his buddy.

Garden State City Takes Top Spot.

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The annual survey of crime statistics performed by the Morgan Quitno Company’s has resulted in Camden, New Jersey being named the country’s most-dangerous city. Camden managed to knock Detroit out of the number one spot into second place on this most “exclusive” list.

The other three cities that made the top five are Atlanta, St. Louis, and Gary, Indiana. It should be noted that because the St. Louis police omitted 5,760 crimes in its report to the surveying company, St. Louis and Atlanta might switch places on the final list. I assume that this will come as great news to my Jawja Blogger friends. After all, being the fourth most dangerous city is way better than being the third most dangerous city.

For our part, we in Jersey always strive for the top spot, no matter what.

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